Greetings, MineCave Players!

I know you're probably asking- PORKY WHERE WERE YOU?
The answer: dying, pretty much.
I have had the worst sickness/flu/whatever for the past week. I've made very good friends with my couch and TV. I couldn't stop coughing for days to the point where I went to the ER because it wouldn't stop. It was awful. I was on and off minechat some days but I was mainly inactive.

But today though I started feeling better so I got on the server and did a whoooooooole bunch of updates for you that you're all going to be very happy about!

New Pickaxes, and pickaxe upgrades!

We have added back the wonderful Nuker Pick as well as the Frost Pickaxe and Earthquake Pickaxe.
You can buy Nuker from the shop, and Frost and Earthquake can be had from the new Pickaxe crate, also available for purchase on the shop.

All pickaxes also now have levels, upgrade points, and a blocks broken counter.

Voting is finally here!

Finally, people have been asking for it, we got voting running. If you type /vote in game, you can see that we currently have 3 voting links, though a 4th should be coming soon. Once you vote, you will be given a vote crate at the new crates area near pvp.


Free World!

If you now type /warp free and click the grass, you will be taken to a free world! There's not too much special about this world other than it has some resources you maybe couldn't get in prison. A lot of people wanted it, so here it is.

Auction House

Wanted somewhere to sell your rare items? Here it is! The auction house! Type /ah to get started.


Minor fixes
We also fixed a few small things such as added water/lava to the shop, and fixed the stupid chat filter not letting you type caps.

There's probably something I missed in this post but that's the main bit of it. Thank you all so much for supporting the server and I hope...
Good Morning, MineCave Players!

Yesterday was the day that MineCave finally came back from being dead for a year and oh my god I don't think any of us were expecting as many of you as there were. We had 70 players in under a minute. That's just absolutely insane. We were expecting like maybe 20 or 30.

Of course, there was a massive lag issue and a massive rank issue but most of that seems to be fixed now. The server was lagging hardcore nonstop so we migrated over to a bigger (and more expensive- ouch) machine. That seems to have cured it. There's still a few little lag spikes here and there and the server has crashed a couple times, but our devs are looking into it and we think we found a piece of the problem. We'll let you know when we think it's 100% fixed.

Also, most people got their donation ranks back, though I know some are a bit strange and have to be done manually. If you still don't have your rank, please PM me on the forums or on Discord and I'll get right on it.

A few other bugs exist too such as Mystery Crates not giving multipliers, the autosell being rather strange, and more. We're fixing all that as fast as we can. Opening minecave after a year of it being offline is like trying to start a truck that hasn't ran since 2005. There will be problems even after you take it out on the road for the first time, but at least it runs. If you had any of those crate bugs, also message me on the forums and I'll get you another one and try to fix it.

Also, we're adding lots of cool things soon. I'm not sure but I'm guessing that one of the first new features you'll see is Nuker Pick coming back. Casino and other stuff also coming soon. We have lots of plans of things to add onto the server, so get ready for all that. If you have any questions then please message me on here or discord. Thank you all for reading and thanks for such a successful launch!

Hey guys, MisterPorkchops here. I have some super exciting news to post here. Finally, after about a year of it being gone, Minecave is back. Now I know you all have some questions about it so let me explain.

For people who have never heard of Minecave before/don't know the full story:

Firstly, welcome! Thanks for stopping by.
Minecave is a super custom and extremely well-made prison server in Minecraft. We feature tons of unique features and plugins, an awesome economy, and the best builds of almost any server out there.

Minecave ran from fall of 2014 to about winter of 2015/2016, before closing down. The server averaged about 100-200 players online and had over 100,000 unique visitors.

I was one of the only YouTube ranks on this server and played very regularly (every day!) and loved the server and it was a shame to see it go. It shut down because the owner lost interest in the game and had other interests. Well, recently I have talked with the old owner (we had been friends even before he opened Minecave) and we worked out a deal, and I have purchased Minecave and will be constantly developing it and reopening it soon.


For people who HAVE heard of Minecave and have loads of questions:

Thanks for sticking around after all this time, that's epic! I've gotten tons of questions through my YouTube comments from people asking about the server, so I'll answer them all here and in a video on my channel.

Will we keep our ranks?
Donator ranks will be kept of...